How to create a menu

In a few easy steps!

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Step 1. Add your items

Adding items in BriskTable Menu Maker couldn't be easier. Simply start typing in the menu item boxes on the left, and watch as your items appear on the menu preview.

If you would like to view a fullsize preview, just click on the paper.

Create a menu item
Step 2. Add a header

Your menu header appears at the top of your menu. This is where you'll show your patrons your restaurant name, address, phone number, email address and more.

Click the "Header" tab to get started.

Add a header
Step 3. Select your template

If you would like to change the style of your menu, select from one of our many free templates. We have a variety of templates available. Once you find the template that suits your restaurant or cafe, simply click it to apply it to your menu.

Select a template
Step 4. Select, or add a logo

Our menu designer lets you either select one of our free pre-made logos, or allows you to upload your own!

From the Select Template tab, all you have to do is navigate to the Select Logo tab.

Select a logo
Step 5. Print or Download!

Once you happy with your creation, you can print or download it via the action bar at the top of your browser. We also support emailing your menu as a .pdf file directly.

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