COVID-19 Contact Tracing App
for your business.

Easily store contact tracing records of visitors for COVID-19 compliance.
Set up a free check-in portal page with QR code support for your patrons to fill in when entering your venue.

Supports two check-in methods:

1) Entry Form

Customers can enter their details into your venues device at the entrance.

2) QR Code Scan

Customers can scan your unique check-in QR code to check-in hygenically from their own device. No setup required.

Easy-to-Use COVID-19 Record Keeping

Track customers & patrons that enter your venue easily with an online portal. Keep daily records of customer names and contact details as required by state governments. View and export customer records via your own administrator dashboard.

QR Code Support

As recommended by governments, we provide you with a printable QR code that your customers can scan to check in using their own mobile or tablet device. No more shared pens and paper or tablets.

Export in One-Click

Some goverments are now requiring exported customer lists to be uploaded each 24hrs. Using Brisk COVID-19 Checkin you can easily export your daily customer records in one click in an uploadable format.

Coronavirus record keeping made easy.

Record and store customer records securely with our all-in-one patron check-in portal. Replace the pen and paper and go digital.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Features

  • Create an online check-in form that pushes customer details into our secure database.
  • Choose which details to require and store:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email Address
    • Physical Address
    • Area of venue / Location
    • Estimated Duration
    • Comments
  • View customer records in your admin dashboard
  • Export records as CSV for upload to government services as required
  • Printable QR code for customers to scan and check-in on their own devices. No need for a shared device.
  • Works on all devices and operating systems.

Restaurant Record Keeping

Takeaway Record Keeping

Quick Service
Restaurant Record Keeping

Bakery Record Keeping

Coffee Shop Record Keeping

Bar Record Keeping

Food Truck Record Keeping

Pub Record Keeping

Start recording customer details in 3 steps.

1) Set up your Check-In Portal Page

Select which details to ask your customers for at the time of check-in. By default these are name and phone number, but we offer a wide range of optional information to request and store. Please check with your local governments as to the details that you are required to store.

2) Set up your Portal Page

If you can position a shared device (iPad, Tablet, Laptop or Computer) at the entrance of your venue, you can load your Venue Check-In Portal page on this device and require your patrons enter their details when entering the venue. These details will be securely stored and are accessible in your Dashboard, ready to be exported at any time.
This portal page will also generate and show a QR Code which your patrons can scan using their own mobile device, which will open your check-in form on their own device. The QR code can be printed for an alternative method for customers to check-in. This QR is also shown on the Venue Check-in Portal webpage, so you can offer both options.

3) View and Export Customer Records

As required by your government, you can export your customer reports by day in one click in an uploadable format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, our COVID Check-In Tool is 100% free software for businesses of all sizes to use. Our goal to is make COVID-19 record keeping compliance easy for your business. If you find our software useful, we hope you will try our range of other hospitality industry software tools.

How does it work?

Upon signing up, Brisk Table will prompt you to enter your venue details, and then lead you through to the Checkin application dashboard. From here, you can choose which information to request from your patrons in your Check-In Portal, and you will be given a link to open your portal or generate a portal QR code. You can also view your customer records in the dashboard, and export them to CSV files.

You can set up your portal on any internet connected device, or, to avoid customers touching the same device you can simply print off your QR code and require your customers to scan it using the camera on their device. This will prompt the customer to enter their information on their own device, which will be pushed into your customer records dashboard.

Will it work with my existing setup?

Brisk Table COVID Check-In works on any internet connected device including Computers, Laptops, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. There are no requirements, no lengthy forms and no payment details required. Get up and running in minutes.

Create Your Contact Tracing Portal

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